Club ID

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Club ID by Protime Sports is a line of customizable dye-sublimated uniforms.  Dye/sub technology prints high quality permanent ink onto performance fabrics.  Choose from a library of jersey patterns and designs, or tell us what you want the design to look like.  Mix colors and patterns, and add logos, numbers and names to create your one of a kind uniform, it's all built into the price of the jersey.  This program allows leagues and clubs to brand their players in a custom look that is as unique as the players and the program they represent.

Every detail of the Club ID line can be completely customized for your brand and every element can highlight your unique identity.  Your club brand is the sum total of perceptions, impressions, and feelings about your organization.  To thrive in a fiercely competitive marketplace, you must treat your clubs brand identity as a strategic asset that transcends mere attributes.  Your brand has an emotional center that reflects your club's traits and values, as well as your player's hopes and desires.  The objective of a brand is to imprint itself on those who experience it and, in doing so, make a lasting impression.

Let Protime Sports be your uniform solution at every level of play.  We are committed to partnering with our customers to deliver the product and experience to represent your club on and off the field.

Design Examples

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